What Happens if You Leave Your Erectile Dysfunction Untreated?

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that is so often underestimated and the source of so much stigma, and it is frequently ignored by the men suffering from it because of those issues. That, or they tend to be afraid of the medications that are often prescribed to treat ED.

At Lakeside Medical, we aim to help solve those problems with state-of-the-art medicinal solutions and open conversations.

If you’ve been putting off erectile dysfunction treatment out of fear or social stigma, here are some things you should know that might just help.

Erectile Dysfunction Affects Much More Than Just Intercourse

Erectile dysfunction isn’t just a condition that prevents you from having satisfactory intercourse. While that’s often the effect society focuses on and stigmatizes, it can affect much more.

This is largely due to the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by several other problems ranging from simple mental blocks to serious health conditions. Here are the main culprits.

  • Scar tissue in the penis: This is one of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction. Scar tissue tends to build up in the shaft of the penis over time, and that restricts blood flow. Since an erection is simply blood filling chambers in the penis until it remains rigid, any lack of blood flow in the region will affect the quality of the resulting erection.
  • Blood pressure issues: Again, an erection is mostly just blood filling your penis. So, even common problems such as high blood pressure can prevent you from getting or keeping an erection. This can be exceptionally true if you’re on medication to reduce your blood pressure, or if you experience frequent spikes and drops in blood pressure due to another illness.
  • Heart problems: Yet another circulatory cause, heart problems are serious causes of erectile dysfunction. If your heart is unable to pump blood effectively,

As you can see, erectile dysfunction is almost never just a problem with your sex organs. It often stems from illnesses or conditions that are far more serious.

How Erectile Dysfunction Can Signal More Serious Problems:

Since the root causes of erectile dysfunction are far more serious, but an erection is determined by blood flow, erectile dysfunction often isn’t just its own problem, but it’s an early indicator of one of the problems we listed above.

For example, blood pressure spikes or high blood pressure usually isn’t noticeable at its earlier stages. It usually gets extremely out of hand before patients begin to think there’s a real problem. By noticing erectile dysfunction, you can get an early warning that allows you to get treatment faster and possibly solve the core problem before it’s disastrous. However, if you only focus on the fact that you’re not getting erections like you used to, or you ignore getting a check-up because of social stigma, you can end up leaving a far more serious problem untreated.

The same goes for various forms of heart disease or heart failure. Not being able to get an erection or keep it can be one of the first signs, and unfortunately, when you ignore this tell-tale sign of bigger problems, heart disease can end up being even more serious than blood pressure problems. You can end up losing your life.

Even if the underlying issue isn’t something dramatic and dangerous such as heart failure, just the fact that your circulatory system isn’t working as intended can create issues in the long run. Even the purely sexual problems that occur from scar tissue are in fact problems with your circulatory system, and that can put further pressure on your heart in an attempt to overcompensate for the poor blood flow in your penis.

Mental and Social Problems Triggered by Erectile Dysfunction:

Beyond the very serious physical health conditions that can be signaled or even triggered by erectile dysfunction, there is also a multitude of mental and social problems that can stem from it, and those issues can quickly become life-changing or even physically destructive.

Sexual intercourse is a major part of the vast majority of people’s lives, and when it’s not possible to “perform” as intended, there is a whole host of emotions to worry about.

The lack of a healthy erection can lower a man’s self-esteem, lead to depression, and cause marital or relationship problems. These issues can quickly spill into every other facet of the person’s life such as lower work performance, less social interaction, an unwillingness to pursue romantic engagements, and more.

The most severe aspect of this is that social and mental problems can build up. Depression leads to various other physical ailments you probably never considered, and in some unfortunate cases, more dramatic and definitive actions are taken with irreversible consequences.

The physical problems that might be causing ED are serious and often life-threatening, but the mental problems that stem from it can often be just as dangerous.

Medications, Erectile Dysfunction, and How it All Goes Together

If there is an underlying condition, getting your erectile dysfunction checked is key to catching it early. That alone can mean the difference between having a sudden cardiac episode or pleasantly living your life to the fullest.

However, those root physical problems don’t always solve erectile dysfunction. In fact, treating those serious problems can often make the situation worse in terms of your sex life.

As such, numerous products have hit the market to help cure erectile dysfunction when simply fixing the root cause isn’t enough.

Sometimes, these medications are useful, and sometimes, they’re more dangerous than they’re worth.

Problems with Traditional Erectile Dysfunction Medications:

Everyone has heard the horror stories of “the little blue pill”. Those aren’t just stigmatized stories. Those things really happen.

Traditional erectile dysfunction pills work by forcing blood to enter the penis. This is typically done by increasing your heart rate, stimulating sexual hormones, and various other things. There’s a huge problem with that. As we said, many people suffer from erectile dysfunction because of cardiovascular issues. You can’t just force the heart to pump harder or use other methods to trigger such activity when the entire cardiovascular system is already struggling to maintain its optimum performance.

That’s what causes the majority of horror stories related to erectile dysfunction medication. If you’ve ever heard of the legal problems regarding one of the biggest problems and older men suffering from heart attacks, there was a real reason for those things happening.

Many traditional medications can trigger heart attacks, high blood pressure, strokes, and other issues. Obviously, those are not things that people want to deal with at all; let alone when they’re trying to be romantic with their partners.

The medications can also have other serious side effects. For example, there’s a reason that erectile dysfunction labels say to call for medical assistance if you experience an erection for more than four hours. You really can end up with an erection that simply does not go away. The medicine works, and it works a bit too well. The treatment for that situation is also very uncomfortable, as the penis typically needs to be punctured and drained.

Those problems exist if the medication works, or even if it doesn’t. Some people take traditional erectile dysfunction medications and don’t see any sort of difference in their ability to gain an erection. That’s a negative situation even if side effects don’t accompany the lackluster results, but even if you don’t get an erection, the problems that we spoke about can still happen.

All in all, there are several very serious situations that can occur when taking traditional erectile dysfunction medications.

The Solution to Erectile Dysfunction and the Drawbacks of Traditional Treatments

Just because traditional erectile dysfunction treatments are known for producing serious side effects doesn’t mean that men need to hide from treatment. There are options available that do create serious health problems, but as science has developed, it has become much easier for proper care professionals to offer practical help without threatening their patients’ lives.

A lot of this has come with the advancement in blending technology.

First, let’s talk about some of the problems with traditional medications, and then we’ll discuss how our recommended solution resolves those problems.

1: Dangerous Side Effects

First and foremost, the dangerous side effects of traditional medicines are far too much to accept. Per several decade-old studies, traditional erectile dysfunction medicine can give you heart attacks. They simply push your system too hard without even bothering to help with the core problem.

Those side effects are not worth the little help provided by such medicines.

2: Ineffectiveness

A lot of men who take traditional erectile dysfunction medicines don’t even experience results. They might experience some dangerous side effects, but they still won’t get erections.

This is a major problem with medicines designed with a one-size-fits-all solution in mind. Everybody is different, and every person suffering from erectile dysfunction is dealing with dramatically different issues. A one-size-fits-all solution isn’t just ineffective in many cases; it’s also extremely dangerous if the company’s blend doesn’t work well with your body.

3: Low-Quality Intercourse

Getting an erection doesn’t guarantee high-quality intercourse. In fact, if you’re not sexually stimulated, your erection doesn’t mean much at all.

Some medications simply pump blood to the penis. They don’t take care of low arousal levels or anything like that. Essentially, you’re given the “tool” to do the job, but your heart just isn’t in it.

That can be problematic, as well.

How Lakeside Medical Can Help

We’ve talked about the causes of erectile dysfunction, the traditional methods used to treat it, and how those things can result in disastrous outcomes, but that doesn’t mean that erectile dysfunction is impossible to treat. In fact, there is an effective and safe way to treat it.

Lakeside Medical has taken a new approach to handle erectile dysfunction treatment.

Rather than creating a pill that is the same for everyone and excessively dangerous, Lakeside Medical creates custom blends of proven medical ingredients to address the unique erectile dysfunction causes of every patient.

This customized approach is in line with the rest of the medical world. After all, every other medical professional analyzes their patients, find an understanding of their unique needs, and then develops a unique treatment plan to maximize effectiveness. Why can’t erectile dysfunction treatment be the same?

This unique method offers a number of benefits.

1: No Dangerous Side Effects

The most important aspect of Lakeside Medical’s treatment is that side effects are basically non-existent. Because Lakeside uses a unique blend targeted at the needs of each patient, side effects and reactions to certain effects can be mitigated. This is key to ensuring that each patient receives the most optimal care possible.

2: Effective Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

As we said earlier, many men take traditional erectile dysfunction treatments and don’t experience anything positive. That’s a massive disappointment.

However, because the Lakeside Medical team assesses each patient’s needs and creates custom-blend medications for them, they can pinpoint the exact solution to a patient’s problem and focus on that when developing a blend.

This means that every patient will receive meaningful results; not just patients that match the average clinical study.

3: Personal Care

A big part of why many men neglect erectile dysfunction treatment is because they feel as if they’re going to go into a doctor’s office, get the same speech everyone else gets, and then get handed the same medications prescribed to everyone else. There’s nothing personal about it, and it’s not likely to work.

The Lakeside Medical approach is personalized to each patient. Everyone who comes through our doors can expect to experience top-grade treatment with the finest medications specifically developed to suit their needs.

Visit Lakeside Medical for the Finest Erectile Treatment

If you’re in New Orleans, you don’t have to settle for the run-of-the-mill erectile dysfunction pills and minimal doctor-patient interaction. Our team is dedicated to providing every patient with the finest medical care for their erectile dysfunction possible.

We craft every medication from scratch to match your needs, and we ensure that your erectile dysfunction case is given the respect it deserves. If you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction, contact Lakeside Medical, today.

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