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Swollen Prostate and Erectile Dysfunction: How ED Medications Help

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that severely impacts a man’s life. Despite not being a lethal condition on its own, it is emotionally and mentally taxing on both the person suffering from it and their sexual partner. This emotional and mental balance can spill into other aspects of life and be far more damaging than just a simple sexual disadvantage. On top of that, it is also often a side effect of much more serious health problems.

One of the problems that can cause erectile dysfunction is a swollen prostate. In fact, this is one of the most common causes of ED. So, we’re going to focus on the correlation between a swollen prostate and erectile dysfunction, as well as the most effective treatment options available for this specific form of erectile dysfunction.

How is a Swollen Prostrate Related to Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a number of common health issues both menial and extremely dangerous. This is because erectile dysfunction is almost always a symptom of something else rather than a condition of its own. Since an erection depends solely on arousal, the integrity of the blood chambers in the shaft, and the circulatory system, anything that affects those core parts of an erection will likely cause sexual problems.

swollen prostate and erectile dysfunction

With the prostate, the issue isn’t entirely caused by the prostate itself. The prostate doesn’t block anything needed to gain an erection or create any other direct causes of erectile dysfunction. Instead, it is usually tied to one of two things that occur when a male develops an enlarged prostate.

Instead, it is usually tied to one of two things that occur when a male develops an enlarged prostate.

1: Implementation of Medication

Typically, sexual problems produced by a swollen prostate are actually side effects of the medications used to treat the prostate. Many of the most commonly prescribed prostate medicines have various side effects that can cause erectile dysfunction. Usually, these medication-based cases of erectile dysfunction are mild, but they’re still serious enough to greatly reduce the quality of a patient’s sex life.

These medications affect blood pressure, work too well and affect the penis instead of just the prostate, and generally create a number of problems.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as getting off the medication to resolve sexual problems, though. An enlarged prostate causes several other problems in one’s life, and not treating it can lead to much more severe issues.

We’ll talk about a treatment plan that works alongside prostate medication, later.

2: Urinary Tract Problems

There is some data that suggests both enlarged prostates and erectile dysfunction share a common cause in urinary tract problems such as infections, overactivity, and more.

While it’s not entirely understood, studies have shown a considerable overlap in men over the age of 45 who experience both erectile dysfunction and swollen prostates as their urinary tracts become less effective with age. This data shows that correlation all the way to the age of 65, and it is presumed to become even more prevalent at more advanced ages, but unfortunately, there isn’t enough data from men of such advanced ages to make a reasonable assumption.

swollen prostate and erectile dysfunction (ed)

What This Means for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

One of the key aspects of treating erectile dysfunction effectively is addressing the underlying issues causing the problem. This is why so many traditional erectile dysfunction treatments have bad reputations. Things such as traditional pills, pumps, shots, and more didn’t target underlying causes, and they simply tried to “brute force” their way to providing you with an erection. As an unfortunate cost, there were often even worse side effects that you’d have to deal with.

A more modern method bypasses those issues by focusing on the core cause of the problem and mitigating side effects entirely, but we’ll talk more about that soon.

By understanding the core cause, which is a swollen prostate in this situation, treatment can be implemented far more precisely and effectively. Instead of brute-forcing your body into having an erection, it’s possible to treat the problem and allow you to get a more natural erection without causing further issues.

How Targeted Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Works

The method of treatment we’re going to discuss is the most effective and reliable treatment option available, and it’s unique to Lakeside Medical Group. Our team has made major breakthroughs in erectile dysfunction treatment, and we can provide the targeted treatment option we mentioned earlier.

How does this work, though? Well, we use pills to deliver medications designed to treat your erectile dysfunction. However, these pills are nothing like the big-name pills you’re used to hearing about.

Older pill treatments tend to force blood to flood the chambers of the penis in massive quantities; leading to heart problems, erections that stay well beyond their welcome, and various other issues.

Our pills are custom-made specifically for you.

With this targeted approach, we determine the cause of your erectile dysfunction, such as a swollen prostate or the medicine that you’re using to treat your swollen prostate, speak to you about your expectations and needs with treatment, and then custom-blend a pill medication that is made specifically to overcome the swollen prostate problem and provide a sexual experience that meets your expectations.

This means that every patient Lakeside Medical Group treats gets a unique medication that takes all their unique needs and concerns into consideration instead of a one-size-fits-all option that works for some, disappoints others, and unfortunately, outright harms many men.

The Benefits of Our Custom-Blended Erectile Dysfunction Medications

Our custom-blended approach provides a multitude of benefits over traditional pill options, and we can provide you with a medication that does not interfere with your prostate treatments.

Here’s a comprehensive list of what sets our medications apart for men suffering from both erectile dysfunction and swollen prostates.

1: No Interference with Prostate Treatments

One complexity that comes with treating ED caused by prostate swelling is that you should be on medication for your swollen prostate, and many erectile dysfunction medications can interfere with those treatments. It’s like taking medication for heart problems, and then having to take medication for back pain; you have to make sure the back pain medication doesn’t prevent the heart medication from working or produce deadly side effects by mixing the two.

Since we blend our pills specifically for each customer, we can create a formula that will get you the results you need without implementing ingredients that damage your ability to treat your swollen prostate.

2: Customized Results

As we mentioned earlier, certain traditional erectile dysfunction treatments provide extreme results. Because they operate by brute force, it’s not uncommon for patients to have incredibly intense erections that last for hours.

At first, that sounds like a positive thing, but it can quickly become just as bad as the erectile dysfunction itself, and in extreme situations, it can require professional emergency drainage. That, or they don’t work at all.

Our medical treatments are designed to provide the results you want. If you and your partner prefer 20-minute erections, we can create a custom formula that does that. If you want a more intense and long-lasting solution, we can do that, too. We’ll work with you to create a formula that matches your and your partner’s sexual expectations perfectly without the risk of going too far or providing lackluster results.

3: Solutions that Meet Your Unique Needs

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a wide range of issues. It’s usually a symptom; not an illness.

For example, erectile dysfunction might be a symptom of high blood pressure, cardiac problems, PTSD, heart failure, swollen prostates, urinary tract issues, scarring in the shaft of the penis, depression, and several other things that are extremely common.

Since our medications are custom-blended, our team works with you to find that root cause and develop a pill that will treat your unique form of erectile dysfunction.

This allows us to take a far different approach than just forcing blood into the penis (which can be dangerous in certain situations). We can maximize your blood flow in situations such as scar tissue not allowing blood to enter the penis effectively, stimulate arousal in the case of more mentally charged cases of erectile dysfunction, and more. Whatever is causing your erectile dysfunction, we will develop a custom blend designed to give you your sex life back.

4: Minimal Side Effects

Since we make the medication specifically for you, we can leave out ingredients that might cause problems. We touched on this earlier in our first item on this list, but this has less to do with conflicting with other medications and more to do with avoiding the annoying and often dangerous side effects of other treatment options.

If you’re suffering from a condition that means you can’t safely increase your blood pressure, we can create a solution that doesn’t do that. If you are on a medication that conflicts with certain ingredients, we can find suitable alternatives for those ingredients. This level of customization allows us to make virtually side-effect-free erectile dysfunction treatments you can trust. It’s all about curing your erectile dysfunction without all the problems associated with past treatment options.

5: Proper Medical Treatment

There are a lot of over-the-counter options for erectile dysfunction treatment. Sometimes, they work. Sometimes, they don’t. However, one thing is true for all of them; they don’t involve a qualified medical professional’s guidance. This can create major problems.

When you use over-the-counter options, you simply get a brute-force treatment for erectile dysfunction. If there’s an underlying cause, you won’t know unless something goes wrong.  The worst part is that many men opt for over-the-counter options to avoid unnecessary embarrassment. So, underlying issues go unnoticed for no reason at all.

With Lakeside Medical Group, our team analyzes your situation extensively before creating a treatment plan. This has the benefits we mentioned earlier, but it also means that you’re actually getting the problem looked into. We can detect underlying issues that might need treatment beyond the erectile dysfunction treatment, and considering some of the causes of erectile dysfunction, this might be an opportunity to detect major problems early on.

The Lakeside Medical Group’s Approach

Now, you understand that our medications are different, but how do we actually help you cure your erectile dysfunction when a swollen prostate is the cause?

Here’s the experience you can expect.

1: Consultation

First, you obviously need to contact us and schedule a consultation. This is when we’ll handle developing the initial patient profile, getting to you, and learning about the problems you’re experiencing.

2: Analyzing the Situation

Since our treatment options are customized to suit your needs specifically, we need to know exactly what is causing your erectile dysfunction. This requires us to know about your medical history, and we’ll perform some on-site analysis of our own to determine if there are any other issues causing the problem.

3: Identifying Expectations and Needs

As we mentioned earlier, everyone has different expectations and needs when it comes to erectile dysfunction treatment. That’s what we’ll determine in this case. Are you on other medications that we need to consider when making a blend? Do you want your erection to last a certain length of time, or do you need a more slow-acting release to build up to your encounter? What does your partner want from your sex life? We’ll discuss all of this and more to help guide our production process and make a pill that suits you.

4: Blending

Once we understand what you need and the results you expect, our team will blend a customized erectile dysfunction blend designed to cure your erectile dysfunction with minimal side effects and maximum effectiveness regardless of your needs.

5: Treatment and Review

Finally, we’ll stick with you after we’ve made your initial medication to see if it is working as expected, make adjustments if needed, and focus on maintaining your treatment as long as necessary. Now, you’re ready to reclaim your sex life. For erectile dysfunction treatment that provides real results with minimal side effects, contact Lakeside Medical Group, today.

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