How Long Does ED Take to Cure? Best Method for Curing in 2022

Erectile Dysfunction, or ED as it’s otherwise known, has a tremendous impact. If you’re suffering from ED, you probably understand that at this point.

It can damage your confidence, leave you frustrated, and even spill over into your relationships and daily life.

So, you probably want a cure as fast as possible to deal with your ED symptoms and reclaim your life. Luckily, there are a few ways todo this. Some are far better than others, and some common methods flat-out don’t work.

So, we’re going to walk you through some of the methods used to cure ED in 2022, and we’ll steer you towards a method that actually works without taking forever.

What is ED?

ED isn’t a life-threatening condition or one that impairs your general life in obvious ways, but it is a serious issue that often causes wide-sweeping side-effects beyond what most people think of.

ED is when you have trouble getting an erection, sustaining an erection throughout sex, or getting an erection that is firm enough to use for sex.

Obviously, this has serious implications in your romantic life. After all, a major part of any relationship revolves around intercourse and fulfilling your partners, and your own, desires and needs. When your penis simply refuses to perform, that can cause emotional problems and damage your relationship.

However, it goes much farther than that. ED tends to cause alack of confidence, insecurity, and frustration that can spill over into other parts of your life. In addition to the stress of a strained relationship, this can have major negative effects on your work life, social life, and every day tasks.

Unfortunately, ED is often trivialized, and there’s a lot of stigmas surrounding it. So, men frequently go without treatment to avoid completely unnecessary embarrassment. It’s important to not fall into this trap if you’re suffering from ED. ED does not go away on its own, and as a serious condition with widespread effects on your life, it’s best to seek help curing it as soon as possible.

How Long Does ED Take to Cure?

What Causes ED?

Before you can treat ED, you need to know what causes it. There are several specific conditions and circumstances that can cause ED, but the direct reason symptoms occur tends to boil down to decaying blood vessels and tissue in the penis. This can stem from a variety of other issues, but it naturally happens as you age.

As you get older, or another condition causes this to happen, your blood vessels get weaker and erode over time. Your penis can also develop scar tissue that hardens; blocking the spongey interior chambers from filling with blood.

When blood cannot enter the penis in a substantial amount, or remain there throughout intercourse, your erection will be weak at best.

As a note for later, this is an important factor that many treatments ignore. This is the root cause of ED, yet most treatments simply mask it. Fixing it requires those root causes to be handled appropriately and that’s why going to an ED treatment in New Orleans is highly recommended.

Methods to Avoid

Several ineffective methods seem to provide instant results, but they actually don’t cure much of anything. Let’s go over these to differentiate between a cure and a facsimile that simply hides the problem while potentially making it worse.


With some treatment methods, implants are inserted into the shaft of the penis via surgery. This does not “cure” ED. It essentially forces the penis to be stiff.

This method does not repair any damaged tissue, promote blood flow, or do anything to naturally strengthen your erection, and it should be avoided if at all possible.

On top of not actually curing the problem, implants can also be fairly dangerous. Having things surgically inserted into your penis leaves plenty of room for medical mishaps with life-long consequences. Also, even if the implants make you stiff enough to engage in intercourse with your partner, the experience will likely be quite different for you due to the ED not being corrected. It just looks like it has been fixed.


Pumps are some of the cheapest treatment solutions available, but they’re also ineffective and more or less mask the problem.

A pump is typically a plastic chamber that is placed over the penis and suctioned to the pubic mound, and then you squeeze a handheld pumping mechanism to create suction within the chamber. This stimulates the penis, and in many ways, you are essentially inflating it.

This has a low success rate, and while it may appear to produce results, those results are short-lived. You will need to pump every time you have sex.

As a result, scar tissue can develop even faster; furthering the root cause of ED. It’s also not the most romantic thing to do before sex. Pumping must be done almost immediately before intercourse, and this can lead to some embarrassing or awkward situations depending on your comfort level with your partner.

Slow, Ineffective, and Dangerous Treatments

The treatments we’ve listed so far present their effects almost instantly. Even if they’re not very effective or reliable, they’re at least fast.

The following treatments are typically more effective, but they chemically treat ED, and they don’t actually solve the root problem. They can also be highly dangerous if misused, or if you have an underlying condition, you don’t know about.

Learn how Long Does ED Take to Cure.


There are so many ED pills on the market that it’s impossible to list them all here. You’ve likely heard of, or maybe even tried, a few of the top brands.

These pills pose a couple of major issues.

First, they don’t do anything to repair the damage done by aging involving the penis. Instead, they use chemical compounds to force blood to the penis and hopefully get past the blockages and weak vessels that are causing the problem.

This typically takes about half an hour to take effect; which means you’ll need to schedule your sex life. The pills must also be taken every time you have sex since they don’t fix the problem, but instead, bypass it with force.

Secondly, they can be highly dangerous. ED is most common in aging men, and this already puts you at an increased risk of heart problems. When you add pills that increase your blood pressure to the mix, you can easily have a heart attack. This even happens in young men who either have ED or are simply messing around with pills they don’t need.

Finally, these pills can cause your erection to last an unsafe amount of time and trap the blood inside of the penis. This can cause health issues, and the most common solution is for a medical professional to drain the penis of blood via a needle. Doesn’t sound like fun, does it?


Injections are much like pills. They also force your blood pressure to heighten, and they use a chemical reaction to force an erection rather than allowing one to occur naturally. They also take about the same amount of time.

This means that they pose many of the same risks, are temporary, and aren’t reliable. However, they also pose a unique challenge on top of taking forever.

Injections are self-induced with at-home kits, and they’re necessary before each instance of intercourse. Essentially, you will be required to give yourself a shot in the genitals every time you want to have sex. This is far from romantic, and it may make it so you no longer feel up to performing. Not only that but there’s room for error.

The Best Method for Curing ED in 2022: Fast, Reliable, and Long-Lasting

Reading through all those potential treatments probably made you feel hopeless. None of them sound very desirable, and none of them actually cure anything. They just cover up the problem long enough for you to have intercourse; if you experience any positive effects at all.

However, there’s no reason to give up hope. Our ED medications are highly effective, highly reliable, and are a long-lasting cure for ED available.

Most of our patients experience noticeable, meaningful results immediately. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and change your life for the better.

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