Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Over 50% of men suffer from ED between the ages of 40 and 70.

No, our medical solution has been used successfully to treat men as old as 95.

Our medical solution has been used successfully to treat men with prostate cancer, heart disease, weight problems, high blood pressure and diabetes.

No. Our medical solution is unique, and you will not experience these side effects.

You will see a same day solution right in our office. Results are truly life changing.

Our medical solution cost a fraction of the cost of ED pills or multiple treatments using ineffective shockwave therapy. Our medical solution will provide a safe and positive result, or it cost you nothing.

No. There is a one-time office visit. Only one visit can change your life

Yes. We use FDA approved, custom blended prescription medication from our licensed US pharmacy. Our team of licensed physicians are extensively trained in erectile dysfunction and this team is led by our National Medical Advisor, Dr. Augustine Mireku-Boateng, a renowned Board-Certified Urologist for over thirty-five years. Our experienced staff has over 187 combinations of medications available to customize a treatment plan for each man’s unique situation on an individual basis.

No pain and no surgery. Our treatment options include simple – yet powerful – FDA cleared in home solutions plus tailor made prescription medication.

Yes, our custom blended prescription medication has proven to be successful for over 95% of men. You will achieve an erection and stay erect for as long as you like, whether its 30 minutes, 45 minutes, an hour or longer.