Top 11 Things That Can Cause An Erection Problem [2022 Guide]

Erection problems, or erectile dysfunction, are quite a prominent issue among men of all ages. It will happen to a significant portion of the male population at one time or another. But we’re often left with the problem of not understanding what causes these erection problems. Even more so when we’re seeing prolonged problems with gaining or maintaining an erection.

This article informs all about erection problems and their most notable causes. It will also explain how to address the issues if there are any lingering concerns.

Do You Have Erection Problems?

Do you think you might have erectile dysfunction? If you regularly have trouble gaining or maintaining an erection, there may be issues behind it. One of the most effective treatments includes the ED treatment in New Orleans which will make your ED a thing of the past.

Let’s begin by outlining how an erection works, so you can understand why there may be problems getting one.

How Does An Erection Work?

An erection happens when there is increased blood flow to your penis in layman’s terms. This usually occurs when a man is sexually stimulated, and the muscles inside the penis relax. Basically, it opens the ‘gates’ for the arteries carrying blood around your body to fill the chambers, resulting in the penis getting hard.

Erections end when the muscles contract or the ‘gates’ close and blood flows out of the penis.

So, to recap, the brain sends signals to let blood flow into the penis, where the blood and muscles have to act to give a man an erection. So not being able to get an erection means that something is wrong with either your vital organs or blood, right? Doesn’t that sound serious?

Are Erection Problems Serious?

Erection problems themselves are not life-threatening. The chances of long-lasting erectile dysfunction sit at around 4% for under 50-year-olds and higher for over-65s. The issue is usually treatable through lifestyle changes or improving overall physical and mental health.

It’s advised that it’s considered relatively normal if you’re having erection problems under 20% of the time. However, erection problems could be a symptom of a broader issue considered severe. Erectile dysfunction is attributed to physical problems, relationship issues, stress, and anxiety. All of which could have lasting damage if not addressed.

Here are some scenarios where you may need to consider medical consultation.

Common Scenarios in Identifying Erection Problems

It’s not uncommon that you cannot get an erection, and it’s a one-off. There are plenty of factors that could lead to temporary erectile dysfunction. However, some scenarios would dictate a more prolonged issue in getting an erection. We outline below some of the most common ones in identifying erection problems.

  • You’re regularly finding it difficult to get an erection.

Suppose you’re having sex regularly with your partner and finding an increasing number of times that you cannot get an erection. In that case, it could signify a bigger problem. If it’s gotten to a point where you haven’t seen yourself get an erection at all, it would be time to seek medical advice on the issue. You can help explain your troubles by viewing the potential causes further down this article.

  • You can’t maintain an erection during sexual activities.

Sometimes you’ll be able to initiate an erection, but you cannot hold one during sexual activities. Again, if this is happening more frequently or constantly, this indicates erection problems.

  • Your sex drive or libido has significantly reduced.

Are you finding yourself uninterested in sex or losing interest in the activities? This erection problem is usually rooted in a lack of testosterone. A reduced sex drive would cause the inability to get an erection. Still, it could also mean another underlying issue behind gaining or maintaining one.

  • You find yourself leading an increasingly sedentary lifestyle.

A sedentary lifestyle is associated with a lack of exercise, which can adversely affect your health. This includes erection problems, where any weight gain and or health deterioration may impact the ability to gain an erection.

  • Your overall health is not good.

The most general scenario behind erection problems is that your health is not good. Perhaps you have a diet that falls outside the daily recommended intake? Maybe you’re excessively smoking or drinking? Or you’re not exercising enough? Because erection problems stem from both physical and mental ailments, your overall health can be the primary reason you suffer erectile dysfunction.

We can narrow down the leading causes of erection problems with these scenarios in mind.

Find out what can cause an erection problem.

Here are the Main 11 Causes of Erection Problems

Erection problems are generally common in men. If they happen once or often, they are usually nothing to worry about. However, you may have an erectile dysfunction issue if you find erections regularly hard to get or maintain. We’ve outlined 11 of the most prominent erection problems below:

  1. Narrowing of Blood Vessels in the Penis

One of the prominent causes of erectile dysfunction is called atherosclerosis. This is where pathways pumping blood between the heart and other organs are blocked by plaque. Subsequently, your penis will struggle with getting the blood flow it needs to get or maintain an erection. It’s also worth noting that this condition is not strictly limited to erectile dysfunction – this affects other parts of the body, too.

  1. High Blood Pressure

Having high blood pressure is another significant cause of erectile dysfunction. The issue is responsible for not allowing the arteries that facilitate blood to the penis to function the way they should. High blood pressure also leads to reduced testosterone levels, meaning that sexual libido is a lot lower, affecting abilities to get an erection.

  1. High Cholesterol

High cholesterol is another condition that results in artery blockages. It’s not to say that cholesterol isn’t beneficial, considering it builds tissue and produces sex hormones. However, it builds up when it’s too much and can cause many health issues, including erectile dysfunction. Again, the substance can be a significant factor in narrowing arteries and making it difficult for blood to pass to the penis.

  1. Alcohol Consumption

Heavy alcohol consumption can play a role in erectile dysfunction. Not only does it cause physical issues in your entire body. But it can also impact your brain, telling your body to direct blood flow to the penis. Drinking alcohol interferes with your brain receptors and reduces testosterone production. Erection problems caused by alcohol consumption are usually temporary. However, prolonged alcohol abuse can lead to more health issues, potentially causing lasting erectile dysfunction.

  1. Obesity

Being obese presents a trove of reasons why you might be suffering from erection problems. That extra weight a person has on them means vascular health concerns, 75% lower testosterone levels, and psychological difficulties with your body image. Obesity isn’t the primary cause of erectile dysfunction, but overweight issues are direct contributing factors.

  1. Side Effects of Prescribed Medicine

Naturally, prescribed medicine is meant to help treat other medical conditions you may have. But many of them don’t come without side effects of one sort or another. In men, erection problems from medications are definitely not uncommon. Many of these drugs affect hormones, nerves, and blood circulation – where stimulation, libido, and blood flow are significantly reduced.

  1. Physical Injuries

In place of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction, physical injuries can play a part. They can inhibit restrictions on blood flow, damage nerves, and be supplemented with pain medications that contribute to erection problems. Examples of these physical injuries could be spinal injuries damaging the nerves that facilitate erections and pelvic trauma that causes arterial damage.

  1. Recreational Drug Use

Recreational drugs can cause just as many erection problems as prescription medicines. Many have the status of being sexual enhancers. Still, prolonged use can lead to the same issues caused by all other things. Almost all popular recreational drugs will cause blood vessels to narrow and reduce sexual desire.

  1. Smoking

Smoking is well-known to contribute to poorer general health, including erectile dysfunction. The chemicals in cigarette smoke cause the lining in your blood vessels to break down. That means that if you’re trying to get an erection, the unhealthy blood vessels won’t provide much support to your penis.

  1. Age

Unlike most of these other conditions, age is not something that can be treated. As we get older, we have an increased risk of erection problems due to naturally declining testosterone levels. However, it should be noted that erectile dysfunction as you age is not a certainty. Other issues causing erection issues would be more pressing than how old you are.

  1. Serious Medical Conditions

Some conditions would be considered more serious, where erectile dysfunction would be a symptom rather than the core issue. Noted illnesses would include hardened arteries from atherosclerosis, heart disease, and diabetes. It’s always worth checking with your doctor to ensure your erection problems aren’t a side problem of something more serious.

Learn what can cause an erection problem.

Other Issues That Cause Erection Problems

Apart from the 11 leading causes of erectile dysfunction, other issues can exacerbate the problem, too. They mainly take the form of psychological problems, rooted in how you’re living your daily life and the interactions with people around you – especially in relationships. Here are some of the other issues that cause erection problems.


Stress can come from everywhere. In an increasingly ‘always-on’ world, many men face life issues from all angles, compounding into pressure. Analyses dictate that men’s primary causes of stress are problems with their job, money issues, turbulent relationships, and family problems.


Apart from getting over-worried in general, ‘performance anxiety is considered another issue that causes erectile dysfunction. The fear of sexual failure is a psychological issue that can repeatedly cause erection problems. The guilt that they do not satisfy their partners increases worry without proper communication.


Depression is one of the leading psychological issues behind erectile dysfunction because it conjures physical effects and mental ones. It impacts the brain’s ability to send messages of arousal, stimulation, and direction of blood flow.


Emotional distress is an issue that hinders the brain’s ability to interpret messages and impacts blood flow and libido. The subsequent behavioral changes also contribute to some of the listed psychological causes of erectile dysfunction.

What Can I Do To Help My Erection Problems?

Depending on the underlying cause of your erection problem, physicians may recommend different approaches to help treat the issue. They can vary from simple lifestyle changes to medications and therapies. However, some of these treatments often aren’t met with the desired success. Let alone safe for patients if there are more complicated underlying health issues. You’ll find those common treatments include:


  • Weight loss
  • Giving up smoking
  • Reducing alcohol consumption
  • Increased exercise
  • Not consuming recreational drugs


  • Viagra
  • Cialis
  • Levitra
  • Spedra


  • Acupuncture
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Counseling

Many of these treatments are widely available if you self-diagnose or get diagnosed by physicians. However, many of these won’t suit everyone. If the problem is more prolonged or more serious, they may not work at all.

Should you continue to have erection problems even after addressing them yourself, you’ll need to arrange a consultation with a physician or specialist.

Consult Your Physician If You Continue to Suffer from Erectile Dysfunction

There are plenty of advertised treatments to help those suffering from erection problems. However, many of these are a more ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach that may not tailor to your unique issues. Detailed consultations would be recommended to gauge the most effective treatment for erection problems. With ED medications in New Orleans, you will get fast, efficient, and successful results.

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