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Best Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options for Men with PTSD

For those suffering from PTSD, erectile dysfunction is a common side effect. At first, it might seem to be a non-priority compared to the effects PTSD has on one’s life. However, the effects of erectile dysfunction can make an already negative experience much worse, and over time, the compounded effects can be disastrous.

Luckily, there are ways to deal with erectile dysfunction while suffering from PTSD, and you can, at the very least, resolve one half of the equation.

Today, we’ll go over what erectile dysfunction is, how it’s connected to PTSD, our recommended method for treating PTSD-induced erectile dysfunction, and how that treatment differs from traditional options you might have heard about.

ed treatment for men with ptsd

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Most people know erectile dysfunction as a condition where a male cannot achieve or maintain an erection. Being necessary for sexual gratification, this lack of an erection can create a massive list of ongoing problems. For example, it can lead to embarrassment and a sense of being ungratified in a sexual relationship for both the person suffering from erectile dysfunction and their partner. That can lead to more serious mental and emotional problems that can spill into other areas of life such as work, hobbies, and social interactions. In the long term, erectile dysfunction is much more destructive than just the inability to perform reliably during sex.

However, what many people don’t realize is that erectile dysfunction isn’t always its own condition. In fact, it is most often a side effect of other conditions and circumstances.

This is because of how an erection works. There’s the arousal phase, and then the circulatory system pumps blood into chambers within the shaft of the penis to make it stiff.

Conditions that affect your mental capacity to become aroused, and conditions that affect either the shaft of the penis or your circulatory system, are all likely to cause erectile dysfunction to some degree.

Today, we’ll be focusing on the arousal part of the process due to PTSD’s unique effects on one’s psychology, and in turn, physiology.

How PTSD and Erectile Dysfunction are Related

PTSD and erectile dysfunction aren’t things that most people would consider related. After all, one is a severe mental reaction to trauma, and the other is a sexual condition. However, the two are connected in a unique way. To understand this, you have to understand what PTSD is and how it correlates to your ability to become aroused.

PTSD is, as we said earlier, a reaction to intense trauma. This trauma can be physical, emotional, or mental. Symptoms of PTSD can include extreme cases of anxiety, flashbacks, depression, and various other stressful mental situations.

You might have noticed that depression and anxiety are things we listed. One of the main factors that we have to consider in regard to erectile dysfunction is the physiological effects those conditions can have on the body as a whole.

Depression and anxiety stemming from PTSD have serious physiological effects on most of the body’s systems, and the mental impact can be crippling, as well. People suffering from these symptoms in serious cases can experience cardiovascular problems, reduced interest in things they once enjoyed (including sex), and extreme nervousness while performing certain social actions. Again, that can include sex.

PTSD, anxiety, and depression are often extremely concerning, and the symptoms they cause can be difficult to overcome. People suffering from PTSD might lose the ability to get engaged in sex emotionally and mentally, they might find it difficult to be aroused even if they want to, and they might just lack the energy to perform due to the draining effects of PTSD and its core symptoms.

When those problems are present at once, it makes erectile dysfunction almost impossible to avoid. In fact, US veterans have a 1 in 3 chance of suffering from erectile dysfunction when they are dealing with PTSD, and those same veterans are far more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction compared to the average US citizen because of the high correlation between the effects of PTSD on sexual health. Even women might suffer from similar issues such as vaginal pain and a general disinterest in sex because of this, but the data is far less sufficient compared to that of males.

ed treatment option for men with ptsd

Our Recommended Method for Treating PTSD-Related Erectile Dysfunction

There are many types of medications and treatments on the market for treating erectile dysfunction. Some are over-the-counter options, and many are prescribed or implemented by a trained physician.

However, many of those options don’t work, or they’re completely unreliable. The ones that do work often come with dangerous side effects that simply aren’t worth the risk in a practical sense. We’ll talk more about those later.

Luckily, there is an option available that is proven to provide reliable results while mitigating the presence of dangerous or annoying side effects.

At Lakeside Medical Group, we offer custom-blended pills that resolve your erectile dysfunction in a way that is truly tailored to your needs.

Instead of creating one-size-fits-all solutions, which create many of the problems with traditional treatments, we take an in-depth approach to understanding your situation and developing a meaningful solution to it.

First, we start by consulting with you to get a general idea of what you’re experiencing and any known causes you might be aware of. In this case, let’s say you’re suffering from PTSD, and you’ve begun to experience erectile dysfunction as a side effect. There are no other known causes for your erectile dysfunction. This is a fairly straightforward case of erectile dysfunction, but in most cases, we’d perform our own analysis to determine exactly what the problem is. Many of our patients suffer from cardiovascular problems, scar tissue, swollen prostates, and other issues they might not know about or that might be more complex to understand instead of the mental blocks and physically draining effects of PTSD.

Then, assuming there’s no need to perform in-depth medical examinations on top of the consultation, we’ll discuss your expectations for treatment. All other treatments focus on providing extreme results in a very “brute force” manner. This can result in some major drawbacks and health issues that we’ll discuss later. Our method takes your sexual expectations, the desires of your partner, and your condition into effect. You’ll give us a rough estimate of how long you’re comfortable with your erection lasting, how sexually aroused you would like to be during treatment, and various other personal preferences.

Then, we’ll create a custom medication blend designed to bypass the effects of your PTSD and allow for a healthy erection and arousal while meeting your expectations for the treatment. This means that, if you’re ready to last for half an hour, we can help, or if you want an even longer sexual encounter, we can help with that, too.

After we’ve created your custom blend, you’ll be free to start treatment. Most of our patients see results immediately after their first usage. We will perform follow-ups to make sure everything is working as planned, but for the majority of our patients, the expected results are provided on the first try, and they’re free to reclaim their sex lives.

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How Lakeside Medical Group Differs from Traditional Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

We’ve spoken in-depth about how our erectile dysfunction treatment functions, but you have a lot of options at your disposal. Many of those options are more dangerous than they are helpful, and some are unreliable.

Here is how the erectile dysfunction treatment at Lakeside Medical Group differs from the competition.

1: Custom-Blended Medications Designed for You

Erectile dysfunction is one of those conditions that is different for everyone. There are simply too many different causes for erectile dysfunction to create one medication that can truly help everyone. That’s the main problem with some of the most popular treatments you’ve likely heard of. They typically work by forcing blood into the chambers of the penis and increasing the effectiveness of your cardiovascular system. People with cardiovascular issues should check out this article to learn more about connection between cardiovascular disease and erectile dysfunction. That’s not helpful if the cause of your erectile dysfunction isn’t a problem with the effectiveness of your cardiovascular system, and you won’t get the results you expect.

Our medications resolve that issue, because we find out what is causing your erectile dysfunction, and then we custom blend a treatment option that targets that root cause.

2: Safe Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

One of the most unfortunate side effects of many traditional options is that they usually have serious deadly consequences. Because they put pressure on the cardiovascular system to increase blood flow to the penis, they can trigger cardiac events. This is one reason that many men opt to ignore their erectile dysfunction, if possible because the solutions all seem more dangerous than they’re worth.

Because we custom-blend our medications, not only do we avoid ingredients or approaches that can produce dangerous risks, but we can also find ways to bypass potential conflicts with other medications you might be on. For example, erectile dysfunction tends to affect those who are already on medications often associated with PTSD treatment, and some erectile dysfunction medications or medical-grade ingredients might conflict with those necessary medications.

We can find alternative ingredients that don’t trigger any conflicts, or we can develop solutions that bypass the problem altogether without sacrificing the results you need.

3: Customized Sexual Results

Many erectile dysfunction medications do one of two things; they either don’t work at all, or the results are far too extreme. In many cases, people who are simply looking for a fun sexual encounter of an average length end up with erections that last well over three hours. Not only is this incredibly annoying and increasingly uncomfortable as time goes on, but it can also be dangerous. Unfortunately, the most commonly used method to get rid of an erection when medications go too far is to manually drain the blood from the erection via a needle.

That’s not a concern with our medications.

Before we even start creating your treatment plan, we learn about your sexual expectations. Do you want to have an erection for thirty minutes? Maybe you need one for an hour to ensure you have time to get home or set the mood first.

We take that into account, and we craft our custom-blended erectile dysfunction treatment to provide you with an erection for the period that you need it for; not uncomfortably long periods that lead to extreme measures having to be taken for safety purposes.

4: Crafted by Professionals

Many times, men seek out over-the-counter erectile dysfunction treatments or other treatment options that allow them to maintain their anonymity. This is understandable. There’s an embarrassing social stigma surrounding erectile dysfunction, and that makes men less likely to get proper, safe treatment.

However, we highly recommend opting for Lakeside Medical Group’s treatment options.

When you try to buy OTC products, you have no idea who is producing them, what formula they’re using, and whether it’s even going to work for your condition or not; plus, it could produce dangerous results.

Our treatments are produced by qualified professionals with years of experience and training specifically dedicated to the production of erectile dysfunction medication. This ensures that you’re receiving truly medical-grade products specifically designed to treat your exact erectile dysfunction symptoms.

Choose Lakeside Medical Group for Your Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Whether your erectile dysfunction is caused by PTSD like we covered here, or it’s caused by one of the many other conditions and illnesses that commonly cause sexual problems, you need a treatment solution that will not only allow you to reclaim your sex life, but it will also do so safely and without providing extreme results.

That’s what we offer at Lakeside Medical Group.

We understand that every case of erectile dysfunction is different, and the various causes of it require different treatment methods. We also understand that every patient has different expectations for what their sex life will look like once a successful treatment process is implemented.

Our custom-blended medications tackle the cause of your erectile dysfunction while allowing you to customize how long, rigid, and aroused your erection is.

Contact Lakeside Medical Group, today.

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