Can You Cure ED without Treatment? Here’s the Answer…

ED, or Erectile dysfunction, is a serious issue that is unfortunately common among men. This is especially true as you progress in age.

ED can cause serious psychological issues, problems in your relationship, and of course, an unsatisfying sex life that leaves you in a constant state of frustration.

However, most of the treatments peddled for ED are invasive, questionable, or just plain odd.

So, is there a way for you to forego treatment and cure ED without all the nonsense? Well, yes and no.

You can’t just sit around and will your sex organs back into their prime, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for invasive or embarrassing treatments.

What is ED?

Erectile Dysfunction, or ED as we’ll call it from here on out, is a condition that typically occurs in men as they enter the middle oft heir life and beyond.

ED causes men to either have trouble getting an erection that is firm enough to be used in intercourse, or it can also mean that they lose their erection during sex without any rhyme or reason such as physical attraction or another explainable issue.

Why is ED Serious?

The ability to sustain sexual intercourse, or begin it in the first place, may not seem like such a big deal. Especially at an advanced age when stereotypes generally claim that older men aren’t as “active” as their younger counterparts, anyways.

However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Honestly, sex is an important part of life for men and women well into their advanced years, and not being able to sustain a normal sex life can have several negative effects.

Psychological Harm:

ED is often mocked and ridiculed in modern culture. This surrounds ED in a stigma that can produce serious psychological effects in afflicted males.

Think about it. We live in a highly sexual society, and when you can’t perform to expected sexual norms, you may feel incompetent or less than what you were as a young stud who could perform at a remarkable level.

This psychological impact can spew over into other aspects of life. A lack of confidence and deeply-rooted insecurities can affect one’s work ethic, enjoyment in life, and interpersonal relationships.

Relationship Strain:

Sex is a huge part of any relationship. When two people are attracted to each other, they want to express that and feel relief.

ED makes that impossible, and that puts a hard strain on even the best relationships.

This can cause frustration in either or both partners, lead to dissatisfaction in the relationship, and ultimately drive partners apart.


There’s another, a more obvious side-effect of ED: Sexual frustration. When you have ED, it’s like being hungry, having a can of soup, and not having a can opener. You want sex, you probably have sex available to you, but you just can’t do it.

This can create unparalleled sexual frustration that affects several aspects of your life.

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The Problem with ED

Finally, there’s a huge problem for men with ED; society doesn’t like to talk about it, and when it is talked about, it’s often treated as a joke.

ED might not be a terminal condition, it might not be life-threatening, but its effects are serious. Unfortunately, the stigma surrounding it prevents many men from seeking help, and it causes many of the psychological effects that happen to be highly detrimental to the patient’s overall health.

It’s imperative to curing ED and helping patients return to their normal lives that we start a positive dialogue surrounding this stigmatized condition.

Common Ineffective Treatments for ED

There are two main types of ED treatments that don’t tend to work too well. Let’s go over those before we get to the best way to deal with the problem.

Invasive Options:

Invasive options are completed unnecessary, but they tend to be the go-to solution for much of the medical field.

Invasive options come in three main forms.


Pills aren’t the most invasive option, but nobody wants to put random pills in their body until they find one that finally works.

Also, these pills often have serious potential side effects. Some pills have been known to cause heart attacks in otherwise healthy males, and others might make getting a natural erection nearly impossible.

Not only are the side effects often serious, but many of the pills simply aren’t reliable. You need to take them anywhere from half an hour to a couple of hours before sex. Who schedules their sex life todo that?

At-Home Injections:

Do you like needles? No? Well, a common invasive treatment is to administer prescribed injections at home. Not only is there room for mistakes with this method, but it’s highly uncomfortable. Most people don’t enjoy letting a qualified nurse perform an injection; let alone performing one on themselves.

These injections can also have the same effects as pills.

Permanent Implants:

These are the most invasive treatments possible. This treatment method consists of surgically implanting the penis with a synthetic implant that replicates an erection and provides the stiffness needed to engage in intercourse.

Surgeries of all kinds are things to be cautious about, but surgery on your genitalia is likely one of the most awkward, painful, and potentially disastrous surgeries you can get.

This is rarely necessary, and there are far more desirable options available.

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Non-Invasive Common Treatments

The invasive treatments are often over-the-top, but some common non-invasive treatments seem like great alternatives, but they’re usually ineffective and sometimes embarrassing.


This is an old method that is still commonly used. It consists of buying a specialized pump, placing it over your penis right before sex, and squeezing an inflator that creates suction inside of the pump. In essence, this is essentially attempting to inflate your penis.

This has several shortcomings. First, it has little bearing on how well you hold the erection. You might achieve optimal firmness very quickly, but it might also go away mid-intercourse.

This method can also cause more issues for your penis. Some men report being reliant on their pump after repeated usage. This isn’t always the case, but it is something to consider.

Finally, it can be a bit embarrassing. Imagine this. You have your bed partner, you’re ready to have sex, and they’ve put in a lot of effort to turn you on. Before you get started, you pull out an awkward plastic tube, slip it over your penis, and start pumping away like you’re airing up a balloon. It doesn’t exactly set the mood.

Home Remedies:

Just like everything else, there are countless home remedies for ED. Unfortunately, almost none of them are backed by any sort of scientific data, and they tend to be a waste of time.

Non-Treatment isn’t an Option, but the Right Treatment is

Not treating your ED is not a good choice. Your ED will not go away on its own, and it can even get worse as time goes by. See, it’s most often caused by damaged and aging blood vessels in the penis, as well as scar tissue and stiffening cells in the penis. Those don’t get better; they just keep building up.

However, that doesn’t mean you need to grab an embarrassing pump or go through a surgical operation to reclaim your sex life.

There is an option that is non-invasive, 100% safe, and extremely reliable: ED medications.

What Happens if You Go Without Treatment?

Trying to cure ED without any sort of treatment has some major drawbacks; not to mention, it’s completely ineffective. ED doesn’t just cure itself over time.

As we’ve said, ED is caused by the degradation of tissue and vessels in the penis. This degradation occurs naturally with age; which is why ED is so common in middle-aged men and seniors.

This degradation of tissue and vessels won’t stop just because you eat healthier or eat highly touted superfoods. Those are common methods to avoid treatment, and while they are healthy options in general, they don’t stop the natural effects of aging.

Going without treatment allows your penis’s tissues and vessels to continuously degrade, and given enough time, they may never be repairable; at least not to the extent that you’ll have a completely normal sex life again.

This is why it’s key to receive a reliable, high-quality ED treatment as soon as possible. You’ll stop the two main causes of ED in their tracks, and you’ll set yourself on the fast track to healthy sex life in record time.

Reclaim Your Sex Life: Seek a New Kind of Treatment

Your sex life is more than just an occasional bit of fun. It has serious implications on your psychological state, your day-to-day life, and your romantic relationships.

When left untreated, all of that can become a lot worse. Even worse, taking the wrong treatments can give you false hope, temporary results, or even potentially dangerous side effects.

However, there’s another option. There’s an option that lets you reclaim such a vital part of your life without worrying about hurting yourself or just not getting the results you were looking for.

The REAL Answer to Erectile Dysfunction

With our ED medications, you can reclaim your sex life, increase your chances of conceiving a child, and experience a boost in confidence and self-esteem you’ve probably missed for quite some time.

Most of our patients experience noticeable, meaningful results immediately. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and change your life for the better.

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